Thursday, May 14, 2015

No Job Day 4

I had 2 interviews today.  One at 9 in St Paul and one at 1:30 in Minneapolis.

The one at 9 was sent to me from Staff Management and it was checking in and cleaning semi truck transmissions and differentials.  As in I would have to identify what they were, take off any air lines, and clean them so the next guy at teardown wouldn't get too dirty.  It sounded good until I realized that would be all I would get to do.  No tear downs or assembly for me.  Ok, it would also be a $1.50 pay cut with a longer commute. 

The one at 1:30 was fun I was sent there from Hire Authority and I am so glad that I left early because as it turns out I was given the wrong address from them.  I found this out after I circled the block 3 times trying to find it.  I decided to stop and check google and thats when I realized the mistake.  Anyway I did get there by 1:15 so it was all good.  This one was doing part days in the office and part days in the machine shop making the stuff.  I thought that it was perfect but it was only part time and also a $1.50 pay cut with a longer commute.  

It is official pending a drug test I start my new job on Monday.  They offered me $1 more than I was expecting with another $1 in a month if it goes well and full time hours.  Ok thats what they offered when they called me back only 30 minutes after I left the interview so I just had to accept.

Here is a page from their catalog.  I don't want to give out the name because I haven't even started yet but, I am super excited to.

When I got home the kids and I celebrated and even tho D was on call he took us out to dinner at Wendy's.  I know it sucks that we had to do fast food but at least we got to do something.

As for my pink blob my stint at being unemployed might not have been long enough to finish it but Monday is still 4 days away so I just might get it done.

I drug test and do paperwork tomorrow at 11 so then I will be all ready to start at 7:30 Monday morning.