Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Clean

What a busy day.  I am so glad that this is a long weekend because I would never recover if it was a short one lol.

I cleaned my room and bathroom and Z's room while K tried to clean his room and bathroom.  I beat him done even with Z "helping" me.  So Z and I helped him clean his too.  D got stuck cleaning the basement because most of it is his stuff.

Tomorrow I get to do the kitchen.  For most people this isn't very hard but for me any horizontal surface is a sh*t collector.  So I have a ton of paper to sort out and put away.

K got stuck with the living room and finishing up his bathroom.  D gets to work some more in the basement.

So by the afternoon we all had our chores done so we went for a short bike ride.  

Z had a blast in the bike seat that we just got for her.  She doesn't like the trailer because her helmit sits funny.

It was supposed to be short but it turned into 1.5 hours and 8.35 miles.

The pond was pretty quiet so we could watch the water for a little bit.

We saw a small fire on the way home but it was on the other side of the river so we didn't go check it out.

As an after ride treat we decided to have some ice cream.  Z had a hard time waiting for it to be served.

So she was mad when we gave her just a little bowl...err plate.

We did go on out after dinner walk this evening as well.  We walked to a different pond than we went to on our bike ride.  This one looks very polluted and nasty.

I just thought that this tree in the water with no bark on it and a rope swing hanging from one of its branches looked super creepy.

I guess a long bike ride and walk is super tiring for little girls.  She had shoes on when we left for our walk but when she pulled the first one off I took the second one off for her and put them in my backpack so we wouldn't lose them. 

I got 14,216 steps in and an 8 mile bike ride in today what about you? 

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