Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Back Again

I was having a good day today.  I got to work in the shop at my new job.

I got to run the saw and cut bars

and different bars.

I went for a walk at lunch and saw a sweet old building.

I got to run the drill press

To drill the holes in these things.

I was told "we'll see you Tuesday and to have a good weekend.  

I was called 2 hours later from the temp place that my placement there was over.  No, they didn't give a reason why just that it wasn't going to work out.

So after 3 days this place knows that I won't work out.  Ok...whatever I guess I am back at square one of looking for a job.  I just wish that I would have known this before I turned down 3 other jobs this week.

If you need me tomorrow I will be at the workforce center looking for jobs.