Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring Clean Day 2

We are still at this house cleaning thing again today.  I am so tired of it but we have to do it sometime and this weekend seemed like a good time.

I got the kitchen done which took me almost 3 hours to get all of the counters cleaned off.  I know that it is crazy to take that long but some of are a little crazy lol.

K did have the living room clean but Z decided to take more stuff out so it will need a quick pick up tomorrow.  D worked in the basement and tomorrow the rest of us will join him to try and get it done.

So because we got our chores done we decided to go buy D some new shoes at the Skechers outlet in Eagan.  While we were there we stopped into Hot Topic and I bought some cute dragon earrings.

And some heart earrings.  I know that I rarely wear earrings but they were so cute and BOGO and only $3 so 2 pair for $3 makes it worth it.

I also got some new buttons because I love buttons and Harley Quinn.  D didn't get his shoes because they were out of his size.  Well...he paid for them and they are being shipped to our house next week.

So tomorrow is getting the rest of the basement cleaned.  I would say that we have something fun planned but it rained most of the day today and is supposed to be about the same tomorrow.

I am only at 9,037 steps today how about you?