Sunday, May 17, 2015


The kids and I got into talking about our fitness goals today.  We decided that vacation is 6 weeks away and what do we want to accomplish by then and how are we going to make it happen.

G has been working on doing the 12 minute run at school and next year it becomes a 20 minute run so that is his goal.  We practiced it today with a stopwatch and he made it 13:54:45 so he is almost at 14 minutes.  I think that he just might make his goal.

K wants to do 50 push-ups.  Today he managed to do 8.  He figures that if he does one more every day he should make his goal.  I tried to tell him that it is about doing as many as he can every day that will help him reach his goal but sometimes you just have to let them learn on their own.

My goal is crap I guess I have to say.  My goal is to lose 10 pounds by the time we leave for vacation.   When I met D I weighed 120 pounds and one kid later I am up to 164 pounds.  In my defense I also quit smoking and I know that I have packed on pounds since then as well.  So I joined myfitnesspal you can find me on there if ya want PsychoSuzys and I am on Garmin Connect as PsychoSuzy.  With walking while G jogged I racked up 10688 steps so far today.

We also have had a good not out of a box dinner.

We have never made macaroni that wasn't bright orange and from a blue box that said Kraft on it.

It turned out good.

Z actually ate more of this than she ever has of the blue box kind.

G even gave it a thumbs up.  He helped cook so he should know it tasted good.

I start my new job tomorrow so I have my new cloths in the wash so they will be ready to go in the morning.  If you follow me on instagram I will post a pic of the outfit that I picked out.

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