Sunday, March 20, 2016

365 Part 3

I have officially finished all of the January blocks.

Starting with 1-21 Broken Wheel

1-22 Broken Dishes

1-23 Small Triangles

1-24 Mixed T (this one I am not very happy with)

1-25 Lost Ship

1-26 True Blue

1-27 Jacks on Six

1-28 Shoo Fly

1-29 Churn Dash

1-30 Greek Cross

Normally I would end here but I decided to finish out the month so I give you...

1-31 Flock of Geese

And for grins I went back and did the January 1 Bonus called Year's Favorite

So that is it for the January squares.  I have managed to complete all 32 blocks some with more difficulty than others.  I have learned many new techniques and have improved many other skills.  I hope to learn/improve even more as I embark on the February blocks.

This is how they all look next to each other for one last photo before I stash them away while I start the February blocks.


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