Friday, April 17, 2015


I am so glad that this work week is finally over.  I mean seriously I am just flippin exhausted.  I have been sleeping like crap even tho I should be sleeping better because we have been way more active due to it being gorgeous out.  So we plan to go do some hiking tomorrow because the weather people say that it is going to get cold again next week.

So some of our next review stuff came in the mail today.

Z gets to try out an amber necklace.  The claim is that it makes teething less painful and it makes the baby less drooly so we shal see if it works.

K and G are trying out All Queens Chess.  K thought it was tons of fun until G figured out and started beating him every round.

Z wanted to play outside while G rode his bike but we were trying to get some chores done so we gated the door.

I would say we made a great dinner because it was Friday but we went lazy and cheap lol.

Todays movie was a Disney classic called Fantasia the old one from 1940.


  1. I love Fantasia! Please don't say it's going to be cold, I am trying to convince myself that it's not true!