Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unemployed Day 2

I got part of my goals for today done.  I wanted to get my room and my bathroom done today but I got hung up at the Workforce Center rewriting my resume.

I started out with a serious mess in my room.  This was after I cleaned off my dresser but that pile of cloths on the floor has been there for a while.

It looks good now.  Yes all of the crap on D's dresser was mine too.  I am horrible about putting stuff on any flat surface because "I will need it again soon".  

In just my little corner I ended up with one donate bag and one garbage bag of stuff.  It feels so awesome to be getting ready for bed in my nice clean room.

See it is obvious I was busy all day today because my knitting looks almost the same as it did yesterday.

So the plan for tomorrow is interview with Express Staffing at 9, lunch with Kat hopefully, and then work on my resume some more at the Workforce center.  If I get time I still want to get my bathroom clean but I don't think that I will get to it so I am going to plan for that on Thursday.

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