Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sick Still

D and Z have had this same cough for a month it seems like so they both had doctor appointments today.  

She was not thrilled to have to go so she wore her shades to try and hide.

I guess it worked for a while until they made her do the thing.

Yes the dreaded nebulizer.  It was her first try at one and it does seem to work.  It took me all day to find a medical supply place to buy the stupid thing at just to get home and call my buddy Echo and find out that she had one and now I do too lol.

We made K come on our walk this afternoon before G went wheeling with dad this weekend.

The local pool is not open yet lol.

Then we went on a walk with D after dinner and found this cool old building.  I am a huge fan of old buildings and bridges.  I just like how they are made by someone who cared as opposed to things built now where they all look the same built for the least amount of money.

I am at 14,338 steps today how about you?

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