Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have been feeling just fabulous since I quit my job.  I know that I will feel different come Friday when I get that small paycheck or 2 weeks after that when I won't get one at all.  But, right now it feels awesome just awesome.

So while K was at Teen Lit Con we drove with the younger 2 up to Lindstrom to help D's Dad with some things in the bakery he hopes to open soon.

On the way they both fell asleep in the car and I just had to get a pic because wow do they look related lol.

G being G saw the backhoe in the back of the lot and just had to check it out.

Z had to follow him out as well lol.

Then it was a trip to Home Depot to get some tomatoes and peppers for the garden.  Z and I got left in the car because we didn't want to wake her.  It was ok tho because D left the windows open lol.

I would say that we all worked in the garden but don't lie lol.

G did help fix the gate latch so we can now trap Z in the yard while we are outside.

Playing with her truck is one of her favorite things to do while outside.

It was a great Saturday and I hope that it is going to be just as nice out for Mother's Day tomorrow.

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