Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Job Day 3

I am still not worried about being jobless.  I have now gotten my resume finished thanks to the help from Vivian at the workforce center it looks awesome.  Actually I have 2 interviews scheduled for tomorrow.  One is at 9 in St Paul and the other is in Minneapolis at 1:30.  Both are for less than what I was making at my last job but they sound like they might have potential so I am going to interview and see what happens.

So because I actually managed to stay busy doing job search related stuff I did not manage to make much progress on my pink blob lol.

I did make a good not from a box dinner for my family.  They are liking this unemployed thing when it comes to having time to make good food lol.

G played dress up with Z's purple sparkly hat.  

Z played in her orange chair and took our pictures.  

The in laws even stopped by this evening to say hello.  G was showing the old guy how to play Beat the Boss.

Just because I could I got a selfie of D and I.  He looks super tired from being sick and on call.  

K was too busy doing his homework to come out and play.  The boys only have 9 days left of school this year and K has some unfinished assignments he has to get done.

Wish me luck for my interviews tomorrow.

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