Friday, May 22, 2015

Long Weekend

So is today no job day 10?  Or because I worked 3 days do I call it day 7?  Or because I had a job and lost it in 3 days I just start over with no job part 2 day 2?

Whatever I have no job and nothing on the horizon that even looks like a potential job.  I went to the workforce center today and applied for a bunch of jobs.  I already got some rejection emails.  

The park I walked by on my way
So to make myself feel better I walked to the library and found some books on hiking in Minnesota.  I also got some CDs.  No I don't even own a CD player anymore but even tho you get them from the library you can usually rip them to your itunes and get some new songs on your ipod.

So while I was at the library I noticed that they were looking for "volunteens" so when K got home I asked if he had signed up.  He hadn't so back to the library I went but this time I took K and Z with me.

So while K was filling out the application Z and I walked around the library.  I got a couple more CDs because I returned the ones I had gotten earlier.  I would have gotten Z a book but she even rips up her board books so no library books for her yet.

She did enjoy checking out the children's area complete with a rocket to play in.  I wish my library when I was a kid had a sweet rocket.

On the way home we walked by a tree stump that someone likes writing on.  This is the kind of graffiti I can appreciate.

I did 18,202 steps today what about you?

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