Monday, September 21, 2015


I am thinking about ending my little blog here.  With my new job I just don't feel like I have much time for it anymore.

I am going to finish up my last few reviews that I have going on but other than that I doubt that I will update more than once a week anymore.

Today's is the update for the last week.

K and G are working hard at school.  G actually got 8/8 on his spelling test last week and 7/8 of the bonus words.  K is doing well and so far likes Spanish the best.

Z is her usual crabby self and today is very upset because dad is not home from work yet.

We made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

D bought me some beautiful flowers.

G's football team is 3 - 2 with the next game on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Football Pics

Today we had G's football pics taken.

Tomorrow D works the day, night, Thursday day, and Thursday night.  

We also have football at 6 and conformation parents night at 6.  Good thing they are across the street from each other.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I have been slacking about updating lately.  So the week in review...

G's football team is now 3-1.  They lost game 2 against the Raiders.  G missed that game because he was sick.

Today is my first day waking up without a Mountain Dew in 5 years.  Going caffeine free is my next healthy goal.

I am officially down 20 pounds this summer and hope to keep up the progress with another 20 pounds.

Z thinks she is still a baby.

We went bowling for the niece's golden birthday.

Grandpa Popsie fell asleep on the couch at the bowling alley with all the noise.

On the way home we saw a motorcycle in a station wagon.

So that was my week in review.  We start the second week of school next week and it just goes on with more homework from there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day

Today was the kid's first day of school.

I give you K starting grade 9

G starting grade 3

And Z going to daycare all day by herself.

Ok so 2 out of 3 excited for school to start isn't bad lol.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

On Call

I am so tired of D's job.  I am done with him being on call for a week every 5 weeks.  Ok because of the Holiday tomorrow he is on call for 8 days not just 7.

So Z and I have been on our own because the boys are at their dads for the weekend.  We have kinda kept busy by doing the build at Home Depot.

We went to the mall to visit Grandma.  While we were there we got Z's bangs trimmed and played at the indoor play area.  Yes, I know that this looks like she is hugging a poop tree lol.

D bought us flowers because he felt bad that we were on our own all weekend.

Z learned that if a locked cabinet gets left open it is not a good idea to empty it and crawl in and close the door.  Here she is locked in lol.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


My baby G came home from daycare yesterday so we cuddled for a bit and he passed out missing his football game and everything.

Today he was feeling a little better but decided to spend the day being a bum at Nana's anyways.

He did feel well enough to go meet his new 3rd grade teacher and check out his classroom.

Z stayed home and helped her daddy find snacks in the cupboard.

She has also started picking out her own clothes and she only thinks that she has great fashion sense. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Today was our only free night of the week so we spent it doing our weekly grocery shopping as well as picking up some last minute school supplies for back to school night on Thursday.

When we decided to leave this was my fight pink dress, purple hat, red sunglasses, and my shoes.  I let her go in everything she had on but my shoes.

As for the bag boy he wasn't as lucky lol.