Friday, May 29, 2015

3 weeks

As of today I have been unemployed for 3 weeks.  I had 2 interviews today one with a temp place so I am not going to trust anything with that and the other was a phone interview for a temp job that will end in August.  I am not thrilled with either one but I still have one more interview on Monday and you never know what the week will bring next week.

K and I stayed in town for our walk today and saw some pretty neat stuff.  We crossed to the "wrong" side of the tracks and realized that we would rather be on that side lol.

I stopped to take a pic of the neat rail bridge and K mentioned that he likes old bridges too.  I didn't know this about him.

This little guy let us get rather close and take his picture.

We saw some tugboats pushing some barges down the river.

We even found a giant ant!  This started a long conversation about how sad that it is that people steal things and stuff like this ant have to be chained to a pole so people won't steal it.

There even was a concrete slab off of the trail into the woods.  We had a long talk about what purpose that slab was made for.

We talked about graffiti artists and wanting to buy a graffiti style painting because it looks neat.  We both decided that it would be awesome to have that kind of artistic talent.

We found a butterfly art car.  This was while we were still discussing the graffiti so it made us want to beable to do this kind of art as well.

We finished our walk at this sweet looking sculpture at the trailhead.  It seems to have been a art and nature kind of day. 

I learned a lot about my 15 year old son K.  He is turning out to be a fantastic well rounded young man and I could not be any prouder to be able to call him my son.  I love you buddy don't you ever forget that.

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