Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long Walk

Today I am trying to be productive.  I started by getting the kids up and dropped off at daycare and then I went for an early morning walk at Lebanon Hills.

Like I said early.

I also got my prewalk step count.

I had never been in this part of the park before and I do have to say that it is pretty cool.

When I started only the ducks were out lol.

About a mile in it started to rain but I kept going because why not.

I walked by the scary bridge again and took a pic from the other side.

The wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Red ones too.

I did find a small road block but I just climbed over it and continued on my path.

This one way to prevent water runoff erosion damage.

I finished about 15 minutes short of 2 hours.

I also made my 10,000 step goal and then some on that walk.

I made it home in time to shower, make some lunch and hit up the workforce center to look for jobs. 

With cleaning the house and making dinner this evening I doubled my 10,000 goal!  Go me!

I still feel like I didn't do much today because work was not on my list of accomplishments.  Hopefully I can find one soon.

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