Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cross Stitch

All week I haven't had the ambition to work on anything other than Z's cross stitch blanket.

I have made some progress.  I am almost done with the lion square and started the giraffe square next to it.

I also took Z (the boys are with their dad this weekend) to the Lowe's build n Grow workshop.  Z says that she made a guy that makes noise.  In all actuality it is Thor part 4 of the 6 part Avengers series.  We have done Captain America and Falcon as well.  We missed part 2 Iron Man when we were on vacation.

I have started back with what worked before and bought a diet journal to track what I eat.  I am over 40 pounds from my "healthy" weight and I want to get close to my healthy BMI for myself and my kids.  Wish me luck because I am going to need it.

See ya soon,

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Quilt Kit

I found time to work on some sewing this week.

I had gotten this kit from Hancock Fabrics at their going out of business sale for under $10.

The fabric inside is very pretty.

I have about half of my blocks cut and hope to get the rest of them done so I can start sewing next week.

I found an awesome quilting ruler on clearance at my local walmart.

For $15 I got 4 square rulers.  I got 12.5", 9.5", 6.5", and 4.5" so if you live by a Walmart and are a quilter stop in and take advantage of this sweet deal.

We spent part of the day today doing a deep clean of the house and I came across this long time unfinished cross stitch blanket.  I started this before Z was born and obviously have yet to finish it.  Out of the 3 kids only G has his done.

I finally got around to washing our color run shirts and unfortunately our shirts didn't hold much color.

Both have a slight pink to them but that's it.

So I picked up a tie dye kit and I am going to use it to make our shirts keep some form of color.

Until next time everyone,


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Color Run

Today Z and I ran the Tropicolor Color Run.  It was my first 5K in 20 years and her first ever.  It is untimed but I can tell you that we took about 45 minutes to run/walk the whole thing.

We picked up our race packet yesterday and then had to go shopping for shorts and other running gear.

We played in the bubbles while we waited for our wave to start.

Z wore her shades and bandana to protect herself in the color clouds.

At the end Z and I got medals to show for going the distance.

We are soaking our shirts in vinegar to try and set the color before we wash them.  I hope that this works because it will be a super cool souvenir for Z to have from her first race.

I also started a new weaving project today.  I know that I have too many projects that I am working on as it is but after doing the color run today I just had to start a fun colorful project.

I am using some cute contrasting yarns to make a 2x2 striped scarf.

I am not sure if I am going to keep going on this or not because I have lost 2 warp threads of the rainbow so far and it looks like I will still lose a few more at this rate.  I am considering cutting it off and doing the warp in solid black and striping the weft with black and the rainbow.

Hopefully I have progress on a project to share next week.


Monday, July 4, 2016


I have been super busy working overtime at work to be able to take the kids on a fun vacation this year and as a result I haven't even had time to work on all of my craft projects much less update you on how I am doing on all of them.

We got home from our week vacation to the UP of Michigan on Saturday and I have been spending my time doing laundry, putting stuff away, and trying to potty train Z.

So on to projects...

I went to Shepherd's Harvest with my mom and bought a Kuku Doll kit for Z.  I shouldn't call this done because it is not felted yet but I will anyway.

I bought the Wonderful Wallaby pattern and made one for Z.  This is called Willie Wallaby which is what they call a size 4.  I used 3 skeins of Plymouth Jelli Beenz yarn in the Red colorway.

I finished my socks that I have been working on for almost a year.  It is my standard go to pattern from Ann Budd for 7 sts per inch.  The yarn is Lang Jawoll in an unknown colorway.

I made a quilt for Z.  It is made with 7 different Thomas & Friends fabrics that we found at our local Walmart.  3 were on clearance and that's how this thing started.  Z is a huge Thomas fan and if you have one who is into him as well Z is always looking for someone to trade her duplicate minis with.

While on vacation G decided that because Z collects pins he is going to collect patches.  We are not sure what we are going to do with them yet so for right now they are in a shadow box that we picked up at Joann Fabrics yesterday.

So on to what I am working on now...

A Wallaby sweater for G.  This yarn we picked up in Marquette Michigan while we were on vacation.

My next pair of socks.  This pattern I got from the Socks a La Carte knitting book.  The pattern I am using is called Welt.

The last one for today is an English Paper Pieced quilt that I have been tinkering with for a couple of months now.  I picked it from Connecting Threads.

So just for fun I am going to throw in some vacation pics.

I hope to be back to my once a week now so check back soon.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

365 Part 4 February

I have completed my first 10 February Blocks.

2-1 Hovering Hawks

2-2 Frame

2-3 Lost Ships

2-4 Sailboat (with the spare pictured)

2-5 Southern Belle

2-6 Hour Glass

2-7 Big Dipper

2-8 Chinese Coin

2-9 Practical Orchard

2-10 Ohio Star

I had to take the pic of them all together as well.

Next up February 11-20 next week.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

365 Part 3

I have officially finished all of the January blocks.

Starting with 1-21 Broken Wheel

1-22 Broken Dishes

1-23 Small Triangles

1-24 Mixed T (this one I am not very happy with)

1-25 Lost Ship

1-26 True Blue

1-27 Jacks on Six

1-28 Shoo Fly

1-29 Churn Dash

1-30 Greek Cross

Normally I would end here but I decided to finish out the month so I give you...

1-31 Flock of Geese

And for grins I went back and did the January 1 Bonus called Year's Favorite

So that is it for the January squares.  I have managed to complete all 32 blocks some with more difficulty than others.  I have learned many new techniques and have improved many other skills.  I hope to learn/improve even more as I embark on the February blocks.

This is how they all look next to each other for one last photo before I stash them away while I start the February blocks.