Sunday, May 31, 2015


Today was one of those shopping/walking/bike riding kind of sundays.  We started with the trip to Target for diapers.  You get a $10 gift card when you buy 2 $25 packs of Huggies or Pampers and we always have coupons for those so we bought 4 boxes of diapers and some other stuff. 

Then we went for a walk in Lakeville before our trip to Fleet Farm for furnace filters.

Mid walk selfie of G and I.

We spotted a Blue Heron in the tall grass of a pond.

We saw bunches of purple flowers along the trail.

We figured that there must have been 30 goslings on the beach.

After that we had a nap and the a bike ride along the river and spotted another cool animal.

He was sitting on a log in the river just sipping some water.  I have always seen eagles flying but never in a place where I could just take pics of them just standing there.

The eagle and Z are wearing very similar colors today lol.

After shopping, a walk, more shopping, a bike ride, and a bath it was time to just hang out and watch out the living room window for a while.

Children of Cain Series

K is doing a review on the first book The Forsaken and has it done but he is in bed already so I am making this as a placeholder for him.  Check back later to hear his review I hear it is a good one.

The Children of Cain Series 

The Thirteen tribes of Cain are a cursed people. Descending from Lilith and Cain’s unholy union, they have lived in the shadows since the creation of the world. Finally, after a millennia of waiting, Armageddon is nigh. Soon they will have their chance to end the reign of the children of God and rule the Earth. Yet, these creatures of myth are losing their patience. War threatens to destroy them all. Will there be any of them left when the Master calls them to arms? Will they win the final battle? Will evil finally prevail over good? 

The Forsaken 

Her mother is dead, her home is destroyed. Gwenevere flees into the forest in the dead of winter and stumbles into the human world. Unable to speak their language, but capable of reading their thoughts, Gwen acclimates quickly. Meanwhile she discovers that her native tongue is magical, giving her the power to control the world around her. Seeking the answers to her identity and her forgotten past, orphaned Gwen runs off in search of her own kind. Her dark gifts bring to light horrible truths, the discovery of which forces Gwen to make a fatal decision. The only thing that is certain, her life is about to take a drastic turn - there is no going back from murder.

The Offspring

A murder behind her and the wilderness before her, friendless witch Gwenevere flees to survive. Yet Mother Nature is not kind and even Gwen’s magical gifts can’t save her from a deadly winter storm. Narrowly escaping death, she is rescued by an unlikely hero and taken into the shelter of a mythical realm. Has Gwen at long last found her own kind? Will she finally solve the mystery to her own identity, or her mother’s murder? Or is innocence blinding her to the true reality of this dark sanctuary?

The Coven

Comes out in September :(

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pants Done

I finally got off my lazy butt and put elastic in the waist of Z's pants so she can wear them.  The pattern is called Juju and it is free on knitty here and the yarn is Cascade Bentley in the pink colorway.

I still can't seem to get a good pic of her in them but she does love her new pants.

Z has a thing for hand knits.  As soon as something knit comes out of the wash  she steals it out of the basket and doesn't care if it is hers or not.

On our walk today we saw geese and goslings out for a swim.

I also had to have the pic from the bluff overlooking the stockyards.

We only took 2 short walks today but we did get out and walk so what else matters.  Tomorrow we hope to go for a walk and even a bike ride so I will make up for it then.

Friday, May 29, 2015

3 weeks

As of today I have been unemployed for 3 weeks.  I had 2 interviews today one with a temp place so I am not going to trust anything with that and the other was a phone interview for a temp job that will end in August.  I am not thrilled with either one but I still have one more interview on Monday and you never know what the week will bring next week.

K and I stayed in town for our walk today and saw some pretty neat stuff.  We crossed to the "wrong" side of the tracks and realized that we would rather be on that side lol.

I stopped to take a pic of the neat rail bridge and K mentioned that he likes old bridges too.  I didn't know this about him.

This little guy let us get rather close and take his picture.

We saw some tugboats pushing some barges down the river.

We even found a giant ant!  This started a long conversation about how sad that it is that people steal things and stuff like this ant have to be chained to a pole so people won't steal it.

There even was a concrete slab off of the trail into the woods.  We had a long talk about what purpose that slab was made for.

We talked about graffiti artists and wanting to buy a graffiti style painting because it looks neat.  We both decided that it would be awesome to have that kind of artistic talent.

We found a butterfly art car.  This was while we were still discussing the graffiti so it made us want to beable to do this kind of art as well.

We finished our walk at this sweet looking sculpture at the trailhead.  It seems to have been a art and nature kind of day. 

I learned a lot about my 15 year old son K.  He is turning out to be a fantastic well rounded young man and I could not be any prouder to be able to call him my son.  I love you buddy don't you ever forget that.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Walking Partner

Today I had a walking buddy for my morning walk.  We went to Lebanon Hills again because it was shaded and it was already getting warm at 8am.

He had to stop at every sign to read it but whatever we had fun.

He sees way more than I do like this little inch worm.

I spotted the duck because I was ahead of him and scared it up.

We found a tree root tunnel to the pond.

Some little white flowers which weren't there 2 days ago when I was there last.

There was a bunch of fur on the trail but no sign of the animal that left it.

Because I got my goal of 10,000 steps in before 10am we spent the afternoon relaxing and watching TV.  We walked G to the library this afternoon so I ended up with over 20,000 steps.

Anyway I made some progress on my sweater I was working on.  It now has the shoulders seamed and both sleeves knit.  All I have left to do is knit the hood and edging, add buttons, and seam it together.  Hopefully I can get it done soon because it is getting too warm out to be sitting with a sweater in my lap.

I have 2 interviews scheduled for tomorrow and one for Monday wish me luck.

Hero Poster

K just got the chance to check out a way cool comic book/superhero power poster.

This is available on Amazon or the company's own site Pop Chart Lab.  The posters are a little on the spendier side but totally worth it.

They are printed on a card stock or tag board type paper so they are way stiffer and more durable than a typical poster that you get for under $10 at other places.

K has seriously enjoyed this poster and so far his only complaint was that his favorite Deadpool was not included.

It is very detailed as in many different characters are included some of which he had never heard of.  Also, villians are included so don't worry if you side with that team.

This is still an almost daily occurrence at our house.  

They have many different posters from coffee to alcohol, shoes to cars, far too many to name so check them out.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day

Today was K's last day of 8th grade and G's last day of 2nd grade.

G let me get a pic before he left but K snuck out before I could get one.  They are both super excited to start their summer vacation.  

On today's walk I went to the library to return my books and CDs.  I will be back tomorrow afternoon because the kids want to sign up for summer reading.

I went to the workforce center again this afternoon to apply for more jobs.  I did get one call from a temp place this afternoon but I am not going to say that I have an interview until I actually get one.

When z got home she played with and worked on testing her new cow.  I will have more details on what she thought of it later.  G did name it Beefy for her.

After dinner we went on a bike ride because all of the kids seem to like riding bike way more than they enjoy walking.  We went to see if Nana was home and she wasn't so we were heading home and great-grandma was sitting on her porch so we stopped to chat and climb some trees.

I keep telling her that her baby is supposed to go in that cradle but she keeps throwing her on the floor so she can sit in it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long Walk

Today I am trying to be productive.  I started by getting the kids up and dropped off at daycare and then I went for an early morning walk at Lebanon Hills.

Like I said early.

I also got my prewalk step count.

I had never been in this part of the park before and I do have to say that it is pretty cool.

When I started only the ducks were out lol.

About a mile in it started to rain but I kept going because why not.

I walked by the scary bridge again and took a pic from the other side.

The wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Red ones too.

I did find a small road block but I just climbed over it and continued on my path.

This one way to prevent water runoff erosion damage.

I finished about 15 minutes short of 2 hours.

I also made my 10,000 step goal and then some on that walk.

I made it home in time to shower, make some lunch and hit up the workforce center to look for jobs. 

With cleaning the house and making dinner this evening I doubled my 10,000 goal!  Go me!

I still feel like I didn't do much today because work was not on my list of accomplishments.  Hopefully I can find one soon.