Saturday, February 27, 2016


I learned how to do some new sewing tricks today.

My pattern is McCall's EASY stitch 'n save #M9221

I attempted size T1

The new skills that I am attempting are using interfacing and...

making button holes.  My sewing machine has a button hole option I just have never used it before.

The pajamas turned out awesome!!!

I am not the only one who was super excited to make these lol.  

Next up is another bag or storage bins.  I have stuff for many more projects but I am just not sure what I want to make.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February Beanie Bag

I got my February Beanie Bag from Jimmy Beans today!!!

I love getting a yarn Surprise every month in the mail!!!

This month it was all Rowan yarns:  Baby Merino Silk DK, Colourspun, Super Fine Merino DK, and Rowan Tweed.

This one had 2 patterns, some Soak, and a stitch pick up tool as the bonuses as well.

I now have 2 of these to knit up but I am not going to complain about having more yarn to play with lol.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

First Quilt

I finished my very first quilt ever this weekend!!!

It is not perfect but it is good enough for me and besides it is my first so I am bound to do better on the next one right?

It was meant for G but Z felt the need to be in his bed for the pic lol.

It has been much more work than I ever thought that it would be.  It has costed me way more too.

My next one will cost less because most of the added cost was quilting notions and sewing machine parts.

I am looking at patterns now so if you have any suggestions for a beginner quilt pattern please let me know.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day

So this weekend was Valentine's day.  Now I am not a fan of the overly romantic holiday so D and I just spent the weekend like we normally do.

So on Saturday is when we did the dinner thing. our case we went out to a brunch buffet but it still counts lol.

On the way back we stopped at some thrift stores and a used book store.  I got a couple of new to me quilting books to flip through.

I finished the quilting part of my first quilt.

I even had some time to make some rice hand warmers for work.  I even saved the link to the pattern so you can make some of these too.

On Sunday we took Z to the giant sandbox at the Zoo.  She had a blast playing with the toys and looking at all of the animals.

D and I did exchange gifts.  I got him a new t-shirt and he got me my very first weaving book.  I am so excited to try out some new patterns later this week.

To top off the weekend I found the fabric that I think will be just right for the border of my quilt.

What a great weekend.  What about you did you do anything special?


Monday, February 8, 2016

Lunch Bag

I am well on my way to being as big of a fabric hoarder as a yarn hoarder lol.  I was on the fence about it until I spent another $80 at the fabric store today.

I would show pics but I am too lazy to go and take one.

I tried a new project today this one was an insulated lunch bag and the tutorial I followed was free from Crazy Little Projects and here is the link.

I love my chosen fabrics.  I seem to have a thing for skulls lately.

It took me a while to cut my pieces because of the directional fabric but I did manage to only have to cut one piece twice lol.

She looks ok...some of my seams are a little off but I am still going to take it to work tomorrow anyway.

The tutorial was very well written and I do think that I am going to try another of her tutorials sometime soon.


Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today instead of spending my Saturday working on my craft projects we went on a shopping trip to a few different craft stores.

I spoiled myself just a little bit by buying my next several projects lol.

I got Z some Minion fabric so I can start on a pair of actual pajamas for her.

I also found some fish fabric and vinyl for a peek a boo toy bag.

A few different patterns for a dress and bloomers for Z.

Worsted weight yarn for a couple of pairs of slippers for D's mom and grandma.

I also scored two super cute hat kits for the two little ones.

I also got some thread and other miscellaneous notions (some I needed others I just wanted lol).

Even the boys both picked out their next projects.

G got himself a new latch hook kit that was on clearance for $6.00.

K couldn't find another beginner pattern that he liked for himself so he decided that he was going to make some doll cloths for Z.

Both boys don't car for homemade stuff so much so both of them picked out something to make for their sister what great big brothers they are turning out to be.

I do plan to actually sew something tomorrow so stay tuned to see if it turns out or not lol.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I finally finished my houndstooth scarf.

It is a lot too long but that can be fixed later.

I did finally figure out the houndstooth pattern so I am thrilled about that.

The yarn used was Simply Soft Watermelon and Black.

The next scarf is going to have a variegated camo in it so I think that it might be striped but I am not sure yet so stay tuned.