Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday G

My baby boy G was born 8 years ago today.  It seems like just yesterday I held him in my arms for the very first time.

He has gotten so big.  

He spent the weekend with his dad so when he got home we celebrated with blueberry birthday muffins.

We chose not to do cake because he had some with dad and we are having a party next weekend and I didn't want to do cakes 3 weekends in a row lol.  Z's birthday is the 16th so we are having a combined birthday at the pool.

K learned a couple of hard lessons this weekend.  First when you look at inappropriate content you get a virus on your tablet and have to wipe it.  It happened at dads and he doesn't know how to do that so it got put aside until I can deal with it.  Well, he couldn't seem to leave it alone and set it next to a glass of water on the table.  You can fill in the rest.  He is very upset with himself right now and his tablet that is less than a year old might be garbage.  we are still trying to dry it out please cross your fingers for him.

D and I spent the last 2 days making small progress on our Christmas shopping and wrapping.  We have most of the people on our list done but the wrapping thats a whole different story.

It is a slow process hopefully we get it all wrapped by Christmas lol.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  The boys went with their dad so D, Z, and I went to D's Aunt's house for lunch.  Afterwards I went to Walmart and Target with D's stepdad.  I got a few Christmas gifts for the boys but not much.  

Today is Black Friday.  I went to Menards and Fleet Farm.  Yup just got paid today and I am broke already.  On the bright side even with G's birthday on Sunday and Z's birthday on December 16th I have the 3 kids almost done.

I still have all of my siblings left to buy for and both my parents so I am no where near done shopping yet but I have made a good start at it.  I so spoil my kids at Christmas.

My bed half full of stuff bought in the last week

Some stuff for the kids but mostly for others.

More stuff for the kids

Yup very spoiled.  

We had a lazy dinner while we were sorting through all of the stuff we have trying to figure out who we had done and what we still needed to buy for people.

Most of the lazy dinner was Z and I were up and out by 5:30 this morning to drop off Z at Nana's and pick up the old guy to go shopping.  Ok and D had to work today so he didn't feel like cooking either.  

Going shopping with the old guy was great he is handicapped so we got to park in the close spots at all of the stores lol.

Do you Black Friday shop?  Did you get any great deals?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I got Z's Christmas socks done!!!

The pattern is called Show-off Stranded Socks by Anne Campbell and it is available free here.  The yarn is Bernat Sox in the Pink Camo colorway.  


I cast on 40 sts 
8 rows of k1, p1 ribbing 
7 pattern repeats
Standard sock heel over 20 sts 
7 more rows of pattern repeats
Standard toe decreased to 20 sts
Kitchener stitch close

It fits great!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Haven Review

For the first time ever K and I are working together on a review.  He was given the Chance to review the book Haven By D.C. Akres.  

The first book is called Haven: A Stranger Magic available for free on Amazon here

I found this book very slow to get going but once the action started I seriously got into it.  The main Character Sam and his BFF Travis going to school and Sam's older sister Sarah being a typical older sister giving them a hard time.  Then things start to happen and Sam and Travis find things that they never thought could ever happen.  

What did you think K?

I thought the same thing mom.  But, the strange things were magical.  

But, the boys thought that it was only them that the magic things happened to.

That is true the sister it was revealed earlier that she could control water with her emotions.

We both think that this book ended in a bad spot.  In the last chapter of this book 2 new characters were introduced.  We think that the first couple of chapters from book 2 should be moved to book 1.

On to book 2.  This one is called Haven: Revenge of the Viper and it is $3.99 on Amazon here.

This book is a continuation of the first book and brings everyone involved in the first book together.  Like you get to figure out who the mystery man is and more about Sam's mom and his deceased father.  You learn who the Vipers are and who or what they are after.  You learn what the deal with the spiders was from in the first book.  I struggled to get through the first book but when I started with the second I was hooked.

I agree with you mom.  What I want to know is how Sam picked up a sword that should have killed him instantly but it didn't why?  

I wish I knew K I guess we'll just have to wait for the 3rd book.  I mean they just made it to Haven and Sarah is hurt critically.  The book left us hanging and desperate for more.  As frustrating it is for us it is great for the author.

I agree Mom

So that is it for us besides this Plea to D.C. Akers to finish and release the 3rd book soon!!!  

These books are also available as a 2 book set for $4.95 from Amazon here.

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Monday, November 24, 2014


I didn't get the chance to post about going to my little brother's hockey game yesterday.  He is 10 and a goalie.  

This is the first time I have gotten to see him play.  

There are 2 goalies on his teem so he only got to play the second half of the game.

He didn't let a puck in.  I am one proud sister his team won 3-1.

I finished one of Z's Christmas socks today.

I tried them on her to check the fit.  They fit!!!

One more Z sock to go then I just have mine left to get done and one month to do it in.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perkins Woodbury

This evening D and I decided to go out to dinner.  Because Z was with we decided on Perkins because it would have the most options for Z to eat.  We got to the Perkins in Woodbury around 5 so not even dinner rush.  We ordered sodas for ourselves and a milk for Z.  We got our sodas 10 minutes later but still no milk.  

We decided to order dinner anyway big mistake.  He ordered a burger and fries, I ordered a country fried steak with mashed potatoes and fries, we ordered french toast sticks for Z.  

We finally got our food 45 minutes later (still no milk we asked again).  Z's was cold but she is 11 months so no big deal.  D's fries were cold.  My steak was cold and hard as a rock I had to steal silverware off of another table because I did not want to wait forever for the server to bring me some.  

I took 2 bites of potatoes and found a piece of plastic in them.  We are not talking a small piece of plastic but a 3 inch long piece of plastic.

Server comes back with the milk finally and we ask for a manager.  She offers to comp the meal and remake it we refused and walked out.

We went to Bakers Square in West St Paul.  it was 6:25 at this point as in dinner rush.  We were seated within 5 minutes and ordered sodas.  Within 5 minutes we had our drinks and were ordering our meals.  I went with breakfast this time because I just did not want another hastle.

Our food was served within 15 minutes and it was hot and very delicious.  We were very happy with resturaunt number 2.

I will never be back at the Perkins in Woodbury.  Bakers Square is now my place to go for a good dinner.

Have you ever had a very bad or very good experience at a resturaunt?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

On call

D is on call this week and it hasn't been bad until today.  The first call came when we were getting ready to go to crafting club at church around 10:30.  Z and I didn't see him again until we were leaving the church at 4 ish.  I guess he did 3 calls before he was finally done.  He was there for about 10 minutes until another call came in.  He turned up again at 6 ish and once again about 10 minutes later another call came in.  It is now 10:30 pm and Z finally passed out 10 minutes ago and he is still not home yet.

Z is very clingy due to the ear infection and Dad not being home all day.

Here we are taking selfies way past bed time.  She did not want to get her picture taken but I was quickly running out of things to do to entertain her.  All she wanted to do was cuddle and cry for Dad.

I did not get much knitting done at crafting club due to Z being there.  I only got the leg and heel of her Christmas socks done.  They are small so they are a quick knit.  I just have hers and mine left to do and a month to do them in.

I hope to get all the socks done in the next couple of weeks so I can get the trip blankets caught up and I also hope to make a hat for the older niece for Christmas.

Do you make any gifts for your family for Christmas?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Game Night

This evening was game night at the church.  We brought Credit Card Monopoly, Battleship, and Clue.  K played Monopoly with Pastor Warren and a couple of other people he conned into playing with him.

G played Jenga with some family that came with us.

Z played Jenga when they were done.  Ok she played her own version of the game lol.

I learned how to play Bananagrams which was fun and interesting.  

I finished D's Christmas socks while I was at work today.  The pattern is the same as I used for K and G's which is called show off stranded socks.  the yarn is called Jarbo Garn Mini Raggi and only had a color number of 68106 but no color name.

Now I just have mine and Z's to get done and just over a month to do it in.  I plan to start Z's at Crafting Club tomorrow.  Hers are small and shouldn't take too long to make.  I just hope that I can get them all done in time for Christmas because then we will all have socks that are the same pattern but in different sizes and colors.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ear Infection

Two weeks ago we had Z in to see the pediatrician because of an ear infection.  We were given a prescription for 10 days of Amoxicillin and sent home.  She still was not doing well so I took her in to Urgent Care this evening. 

It turns out that she still has the ear infection and the Amoxicillin did not even touch it.

So her we are two weeks later with another prescription for another medication.  Hopefully this one works and she can finally feel better.

Please work so she can feel better.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I got nothin so here is some pics of Z.

Z in her knit dress

Z standing in the fridge

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Rockstar Frozen

Z received a new CD in the mail yesterday.  Ok she got her first and only CD lol.  She got Baby Rockstar Frozen.

Basically it is songs from the Disney Movie frozen done as lullabies.  When I put it on she was whining a little but as soon as the CD started she just stopped and listened to the whole thing.

Amazon describes it as Baby Rockstar rearranges the chart topping hit as beautiful melodies played by soothing bells mixed with sleepy tones and light percussive effects. These calming and dreamy renditions will help get your little rockstars ready for bedtime. Baby Rockstar releases ignite a musical curiosity in your little ones and will be favorites of young children, and their parents, for years to come.

Z still has the case to this and won't let me see it anymore.

It is a good thing that the CD itself is still in the radio in the kitchen because I doubt that I will ever get the case back lol.

If you would like to hear a sample of the songs you can on the Amazon page here.  The CD goes for $12.59 or you can get it as MP3 for $8.99.

Or you can just take Z's word for it.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Stretch Mark Cream

So I have another review for you today.  This one is for stretch mark cream.  I was dreading doing this review heck I still am embarassed to do this review.  Ok here goes...

I had K over 14 years ago now and gained a ton of stretch marks with the pregnancy.  Before I got pregnant I was 17 years old and wore a size 3 pants.  I mean we are talking I weighed under 100 pounds.  With the pregnancy I gained 70 or so pounds so we are talking a stomach full of stretch marks here.  This is the part I hate the pictures.

See all stretch marks.  The product I reviewed is called 

Stretch Mark Cream -HUGE 5 OZ- Reduces Old Stretch Marks & Prevents New Ones - Moisturizing Body Cream Reduces and Fades Away Marks & Scars - Perfect for Pregnancy, After Birth, And Men! Full of Natural & Organic Ingredients - Guaranteed to Work Wonders

It is $23.47 on amazon here.

When I got this I was like what the heck is this tiny bottle of stuff going to do for me.  Boy was I wrong.  This stuff really works.  My stretch marks are lighter and not as deep.  The directions say use twice a day but most days I forgot and only did it once a day and it still helped.  I am thrilled with the results.

I feel beautiful again.  i no longer feel the need to hide myself in the dark from my boyfriend.  Actually he said that he can feel and see the difference too.  We all know that guys are unobservant but he noticed anyway which means that I am not just seeing things lol.

I am still a little embarrassed to show my post baby belly but it is getting easier and easier every day.  Thank you Insta Natural so much for picking me to be a tester for this awesome product.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

K Acolyte

We were at church again today because K was acolyte and communion helper at the 8:45 service today.  I got a pic of him with Pastor Warren before service started.

We also had some fun teasing Z today.  I searched the house and found enough nookies to fit in all the small holes of her O-Ball.  She could not figure out what was going on lol.

She kept looking at me trying to figure out how to get it to stay in her mouth.

I think that I am going to have to find more so I can leave it like that.

Oh Z is 11 months old today!!!  Where has my baby gone?  She is almost as big as G who will be 8 in 2 weeks.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Z's Baptism

Today Z got Baptised.  She looked beautiful in the dress that my sister made for her.

She didn't want to pose for pics lol.

Here she is with Mom, Dad and her Godparents J and S

Z with J and S in front of the baptismal font

Family Photo

During the service

Z's favorite part of the day was...


We just had a small service.  The only people we invited were our grandparents, our parents, Our siblings and their significant others, and our siblings kids.  With D and I both having 7 siblings each we could have ended up with 100 plus people coming if we included extended family.  So we chose to keep it small and intimate.  

Friday, November 14, 2014


I finally caught Z walking on video

She is so funny she has me put on her hat and mittens so she could go outside after her bath.

I tried telling her she was forgetting something so she went to Dad to check the closet for her coat.

Dad told her it was too cold to go outside today even if she put on pants.

She even stayed home when I dropped K off to his lock-in at church.  We have Z's baptism tomorrow so it is going to be an early night hopefully.