Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day

Today was K's last day of 8th grade and G's last day of 2nd grade.

G let me get a pic before he left but K snuck out before I could get one.  They are both super excited to start their summer vacation.  

On today's walk I went to the library to return my books and CDs.  I will be back tomorrow afternoon because the kids want to sign up for summer reading.

I went to the workforce center again this afternoon to apply for more jobs.  I did get one call from a temp place this afternoon but I am not going to say that I have an interview until I actually get one.

When z got home she played with and worked on testing her new cow.  I will have more details on what she thought of it later.  G did name it Beefy for her.

After dinner we went on a bike ride because all of the kids seem to like riding bike way more than they enjoy walking.  We went to see if Nana was home and she wasn't so we were heading home and great-grandma was sitting on her porch so we stopped to chat and climb some trees.

I keep telling her that her baby is supposed to go in that cradle but she keeps throwing her on the floor so she can sit in it.

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