Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

I would like to wish all of those moms out there a Happy Mother's day.  I do have an old pic of me and my mom to share.

This is my Mom, G, and I taken at my Grandmother's house around 4 years ago.

So how was your Mothers Day?  Were you spoiled by your kids?  Treated like a queen?  Or, was it like any other day after they gave you a card and small gift they went back to fighting like normal.

Mine was fighting like normal but I know that if they behaved I would think that someone was dead lol.

Z planted me some flowers at daycare.

G gave me a bean.  He didn't get it when I asked him what he traded for such a wonderful magic bean lol.

K is your typical high school boy and just went with D to Walmart and bought me a new backpack.  I have never had a hydration pack before so I am kinda excited to go hiking again.

We did go to Menards to buy more plants for the garden and everyone but K helped plant this time.  I am taking pics and in Cindy land that is helping.

Because I am unemployed we decided to forgo the eating out thing and decided to watch a movie and order pizza instead.  

I still have no regrets on quitting my job.

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