Saturday, May 16, 2015


Do you remember just hanging out on your steps playing with chalk?

You know when you just sat on your front sidewalk and drew on yourself,

Your mom,

Your brothers drawing,

You know just making a big mess.

Thats what we did this afternoon.

We even walked to the park without a stroller it was that beautiful.

I did make it to Dicks to replace my crappy broven Striiv with a Garmin Vivofit.  I went with the Garmin over the fitbit because it is waterproof so I can wear it swimming and in the shower.  Believe me when I say that for me this was a huge deal.  So if anyone else out there has a Garmin and wants someone friend my username is PsychoSuzy.

I also made it to Savers to try and find myself some new work clothes for my new office job but with D being on call and having to shop with 3 kids I didn't have much success.  I got enough for the first week but I will have to go back on my next day off to actually shop.

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