Friday, May 15, 2015

Last Day

Today is my last day of being unemployed.  I start my new job at 7:30 Monday morning.  The more and more I hear about this place the more excited I get.  I was called today and they confirmed that they got the urine test results so I could start on Monday and also informed that they were buying pizza so I didn't need to bring my lunch.  In this day and age not many companies treat their employees like that anymore.

Because it was my last day being home I did manage to get Z's pants almost done.  As in the knitting is done I just need to buy the elastic for the waist and seam it closed.  The size I made was 24 months so they won't fit for a while but when they do she will look super cute in them.

When D got home G, Z and I helped him sort out some of the scrap metal in the garage.

Z played on the lawn tractor more than anything but she did help empty some buckets as well.

The outfit that she wore for the first time is now very dirty and hopefully not stained.  She did have fun helping daddy so she thought that it was worth it.

Now to round out my hectic week of being unemployed and trying to score another job in a hurry I broke my Striiv pedometer.  Yes, it does have a warranty but this will be the second one I will be sending to them to repair/replace while paying shipping both ways with tracking is a little ridiculous.  I was going to buy their bracelet style to celebrate my new job but I am going to buy a fitbit or Garmin instead.  

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