Monday, May 11, 2015

No Job Day 1

Today was my first full day at home without a job.  

What did I do all day?  I dropped the kids off at daycare because I figure it is better for them to keep their routine.  I knitted.  I did some job searching.  I knitted.  I met my mom and sister for lunch and while there gave the boys winter coats to my sister to have the zippers replaced.  I stopped into the workforce center and applied for some more jobs.  I knitted.  I got a call about an interview for Thursday.  I knitted.  I picked up Z from daycare and we made dinner and played with the boys.  I blogged.

I feel like I did nothing all day.  I figure tomorrow I am going to clean my room and bathroom.  I mean go through all of my cloths and get rid of everything I don't wear, organize my yarn and needles, find a place for Z's toys, everything.  I am tired of the mess and ready to change it for the better.  If I am going to be home all day I need to get my act together and do more that my fair share of the work.

D is in a good mood today because his new computer screen came.  If you remember last week Z decided to put his mouse on the keyboard and close the laptop.  So we checked youtube and amazon and he did it himself.

I am so proud to have a guy who is mechanically inclined.  He had never taken apart a computer before but can now say that he has replaced his own screen.  As for the old one...

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