Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Feel Old

Today G was looking at a travel guide to somewhere I am not quite sure where and he sees a picture of a cave painting and starts asking questions about it.

G:  Is that old
Me:  Yes its old
G:  How old
Me:  I don't know old
G:  Like older than 1992?
Me:  Yes G older than 1992

When did 1992 become old?  It was only...crap 23 years ago

I guess 1992 is old

When did I become old?  When did 1992 become old?

On the upside I have made it 14 days without smoking!!!  That is a whole 2 weeks without a cigarette!!!  I am so proud of myself for making it this far and I am quickly becoming a whole new me.  A smoke free me and boy do I like the sound of that.


  1. I feel old all the time! People talk about the 90's like they were ages ago and for me, it feels like it was just a moment ago!

    Congrats on not smoking, dude! You got this!

  2. It struck me this year when the calendar flipped to 2015. 2000 was 15 years ago?! Oh my goodness, that makes me feel old.

    Congratulations on not smoking for a couple weeks! You can do it!

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. LOL! I had been out of high school for a year in 1992! LOL! I do feel old! Way to go on quitting smoking! I know that is something I need to do, but I have been smoking pretty much for thirty years, holy cow, that is a long time! Have a great weekend!

    1. I was at almost 20 years and yes it is a long time. You should try to quit it is worth it.