Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 5

Tomorrow we make the trek home but today was still one more day of fun.

Today we went to Split Rock Lighthouse.

We did the guided tour so we learned tons of stuff about it.

We got to go all the way to the top and see the light itself turning.  It blinks once every 10 seconds and all lighthouses in the area had a different blink so you knew which ones you could see.

We then stopped in Two Harbors to watch the ships get loaded.

We also walked to the end of the pier because it was fun.

Then I made them stop at the yarn store so I could buy a skein to make the blocks for our trip blankets to remember this trip.

After that we checked into our hotel and ran down to check out the pool.  G just had to have his picture taken.

"Get one of me under the water too Mom."

We had dinner at the Perkins in Duluth and then checked out the boat park in Superior.

I don't recall the name of the park but G called it the boat park because if the big boat in it.

Tomorrow we start the final leg of our trip and by tomorrow night we will be in our own beds.