Wednesday, July 29, 2015


With K gone at summer servants and then the library end of summer reading party and the little 2 in daycare today I went for a walk by myself.

I actually walked to the post office because I was out of stamps and had bills to mail.  They have really neat old school PO boxes there still.  You don't see ones like those anymore.

I snap a pic of this castle everytime I walk by it.  I hear that it used to be the old city municipal building but now it is a hotel/restaurant.

My garden is still not doing very well.  I have been watering and weeding it every day to try and get it to come back to life but so far not much luck.  I will work with what I got this year but next year we will make some changes.

I seem to like taking pictures of strange/different things that I see...what kinds of things fill the memory card of your camera?

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