Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ducks and Floats

I am not originally from Minnesota so where I come from it is "Duck, Duck, Goose" but here in MN all the kids play "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" so when we saw this today I had to get a pic.

It is a bin full of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.  What's even better is that we bought the grey duck lol.

Our real reason for venturing out today was to get fertilizer for the garden because our tomato and pepper plants are not doing so well.

So while D was working in the garden Z checked out how well the big pool was doing.

She decided that G's pool was too big and settled for her Z sized pool.  G felt the need to join her in the little pool as well.

Then it was time to do some work in the basement.  We have got to get stuff moved around so the floor can finish drying from our flooding a few weeks back as well as trying to get the 2 rooms down there finished finally.

To end our fun day we had Root Beer Floats after dinner and even watched a movie as a family.

Next week is on call for D so we will be lucky to even get to say goodnight before bed much less a family dinner so it is awesome that we could spend time with him today.

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