Sunday, July 12, 2015


I know I was AWOL yesterday but an old friend and I met up to visit and we chatted until late in the evening and then after she left D and I had a very long talk.  So I have 2 days of the weekend to chat about in one blog post.

This is how G dressed yesterday.  Yes, I let him out in public like that because he liked the way that he looked and who am I to say that it looks bad and doesn't match.

I finished the purple things which are actually pants for Z on Friday.  The yarn is some color of Caron Simply Soft that was missing a label and the pattern is Kanoko Pants by Yumiko Sakurai and it is a free pattern on Ravelry here.  I made the largest size and used a us 6 needle.

Z looks great in them.  I have now used one skein out of my yarn bin and tons* to go lol.

We bought Z a new sippy cup to try yesterday.  It did not go as well as we hoped.  she is 2 weeks off the bottle now and will use a sippy cup for milk at daycare but refuses to drink milk at all at home.  We have tried 2 different standard sippy cups, straws, regular cups, and a few other things with no luck.

Today before it got too hot we headed to Hastings to check out the waterfall there and get some exercise.

Z was thrilled to check out the waterfall.

She also liked walking up and down the paths at the park.

The children have started copying the France thing and hanging their locks on the bridge in the park.  It makes me wonder if they save the key incase the relationship goes south?

Because it was water change day in G's pool we let Z hang out in it for a bit.  She pooped in it lol.

She had started to use our dining room chairs as ladders to be able to see out the window.  She was watching dad clean the pool but still that is so not safe.

We even had an ice cream treat this evening to end this super warm day.  Z had her own but I guess her daddy's tasted better than hers.

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