Saturday, July 18, 2015


It has been a long day today due to waking up at 1 am or so with the sirens going off.  Also it is rather warm out today.

We went on a walk anyway because we had no damage but we herd that people in our town didn't have power and we were wondering why.

So we found some rather large tree branches down in peoples yards but other than that nothing big.

So because it was so warm out someone felt the need to strip and jump in the pool.  I am not going to name names here but I am going to post a back pic of the person.

Then it was time to try something different.  We defrosted these earlier this week and finally found a recipe to go with them.

The recipe is called Maple Pork Chops and you can find it here.  They were delicious and we definitely will make them again.  We made mashed red potatoes and corn to go with them.

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