Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My entire day today has been a series of almost being there but not quite making it.

I started the body of the rainbow sweater.  Yup 3 rows in and I set it aside because I had other things to do.

I started my next pair of socks.  I know that they are Christmas colors I am doing that on purpose.  Anyway I am one repeat in and then I moved on.

I moved on because I drove down to a place that only takes applications in person (as in not online) that sounded promising.  I get there and find out that the position that I was applying for has already been filled.  I left my resume anyway thinking that they might have something else available.  I actually already heard back from them and have an interview on Friday.  It is not exactly what I wanted but it does sound interesting. 

I did manage to make oven baked macaroni for dinner.  G and Z wouldn't eat it but K and I did.  I am not sure what we are going to make tomorrow yet but we have a menu and each day our options are getting smaller.

We went for our walk and Z made a mess with her dinner so she had to go out in her jammies.  She was not upset at all lol.

We made it back to the little lending library and traded in some old books for some new ones.  If you find this one it now has a Power Ranger book and a Garfield book in it.

We got a mystery book of some form and Treasure Island to read.

As for the last oh so close moment...tomorrow we should have one ripe grape tomato.  We are so anxious for that fresh from the garden flavor.

Z had to settle for some Rhubarb instead.  I figure she didn't eat much dinner at least she ate something in the garden.

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