Friday, July 31, 2015


Today we had a destruction day.

No this one didn't get into trouble we did it while she was at daycare.

A few weeks ago I posted a video of water pouring into my basement window.  Well the sheetrock started to mold so we had to break out the bottom 4' of it to replace it.

It was a ton of hard work but now with no mold I seem to be breathing easier.

While moving things we had to move our shelf of storage boxes so D had to take it apart.  We also learned that part of the water was from the AC drip line being plugged.

Here is K digging the trench for better/longer downspouts.  We have to get this rain water to flow farther away from the house next time.

So when we were putting things in the garage for storage we did dig out the toddler bed for Z.  She is a little young for it so it is a fun toy for now.

Tomorrow is putting up the new sheet rock and hopefully doing a little bit to level a sidewalk.

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