Thursday, July 9, 2015


What a day I had today.

They put this in the street next to my house.  I have no clue what it was for but it was gone in 3 hours.

I made some progress on my next knitting project.  Yup it still looks like a purple blob lol.

I did have an interview this afternoon.  It went well I think.  I hope.  I just have to wait and see I guess.  I am very excited about this one.  It seems to be one of those places that you just stay at because they treat you so great.  Keep your fingers crossed for me please.  Unfortunately he did say that I probably won't hear anything from him for over a week because he is on vacation next week.  So I am going to keep applying until I get a formal offer from someone.

When I got home D had already gotten the kids from daycare and was making dinner.  He also let them check out the rental work truck that he has for the night for an install tomorrow.  Sadly when I got home they were done playing and waiting for dinner.

But, tonight was knitting club night and I brought K's socks with me and even managed to finish one.  Now I just have to make its mate.  I should work on that tomorrow...screw it I want to work on the purple thing lol.

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