Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 4

Today was more about G and Z than it was about anyone else.

We did see one water fall and this one was called Powerhouse Falls.

G had to get his picture taken pretending to be tied to the railroad tracks.

We made some new friends at Pete's Petting Zoo.

We just had to feed our new friends.

They even posed for pictures.

Then we went off to play miner.

G and I look super cool in our color coordinated hard hats.

They even took a pic of us in front of the mine entrance,

Then on our way to our hotel we saw this pay phone.  We had to stop and take a pic of it because these days you never see such a thing.  G had to ask what it was even.

To end the day today I finished another pair of socks and G lost a tooth at dinner.  No it wasn't bad food but a regular loose tooth that managed to fall out.  

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