Monday, July 6, 2015


Today was our first day back to normal at our house and man it felt great to be back to our routine.

I started a new knitting project while I was searching for jobs today.  So far I have 2 pentagons and a few more to make lol.

We went for our after dinner walk with miss thing and her brothers.

I don't know what it is lately but the couches are out.  Yesterday on our walk we saw 3 couches on curbs and today another was spotted.  People need to learn to take their trash to the dump not just leave it on the curb.

She had to stop and watch the traffic on the freeway.  This time she got 2 big trucks to honk at her and it totally made her day.

We started our work in the garden today as well.  After being gone for a week the weeding is long overdue.  It looks like we will have a large crop of tomatoes and if anyone has something else we are open to garden fresh trades.

Then it was some bear crawling up the hill with daddy to burn off the last of the excess energy before bed.

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