Friday, July 17, 2015


What do you do when you have a box of cornflakes and some chicken that you need to use up?

You make Double Coated Chicken.

We got the recipe from the back of the cornflakes box but it is also on the Kellogg's website here.

Then its just add some mixed veggies for color and you have a great dinner.

Then it was off for our evening walk.  We passed a gingerbread house but no sign of the witch or Hansel or Gretel.  

Today must be one of those days because we walked by a mattress.

Then believe it or not 3 blocks later another mattress.  It made us wonder why don't people just bring them to the dump as opposed to letting them sit in front of their houses?

We even discovered a Little Free Library in our neighborhood.  The boys plan to each pick a book to take with us tomorrow to trade for a different one.

As for those keeping track I added one skein of yarn to my stash yesterday.  A friend from knitting club brought a bag of stuff she wanted to get rid of and this guy was in it and he came home with me.  So that is 2 used up this week but one added.

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