Sunday, July 10, 2016

Color Run

Today Z and I ran the Tropicolor Color Run.  It was my first 5K in 20 years and her first ever.  It is untimed but I can tell you that we took about 45 minutes to run/walk the whole thing.

We picked up our race packet yesterday and then had to go shopping for shorts and other running gear.

We played in the bubbles while we waited for our wave to start.

Z wore her shades and bandana to protect herself in the color clouds.

At the end Z and I got medals to show for going the distance.

We are soaking our shirts in vinegar to try and set the color before we wash them.  I hope that this works because it will be a super cool souvenir for Z to have from her first race.

I also started a new weaving project today.  I know that I have too many projects that I am working on as it is but after doing the color run today I just had to start a fun colorful project.

I am using some cute contrasting yarns to make a 2x2 striped scarf.

I am not sure if I am going to keep going on this or not because I have lost 2 warp threads of the rainbow so far and it looks like I will still lose a few more at this rate.  I am considering cutting it off and doing the warp in solid black and striping the weft with black and the rainbow.

Hopefully I have progress on a project to share next week.


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