Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yesterday Z and I attended my family reunion for my dad's side.  It was fun.  Ok, so it was mostly fun because before we even went my sister and I got in a huge fight and then I found out that my favorite cousin wasn't coming but she sent two of her daughters with.

Here is Z with my cousin's youngest daughter B.  B is 6 months younger than Z but is a lot bigger and is not nearly as coordinated.  Blond seems to run in my family lol.

Here is Z with 2 different of my cousins kids.  Z was so happy to find friends.

Other than handing out with her friends she chilled in the shade with her cup of water and made friends with anyone who would give her food.

I was out in the sun all day yesterday and neglected to drink much water and I am feeling it today.  I have had a killer headache all day and plan to go to bed early.  

I drug test for my new job tomorrow so I am very excited for that.  Well...not the pissing in a cup part but as soon as I do that I am ready to start my new job and that's whats exciting. 

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