Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rim Lights

So we just got the chance to check out these awesome bike lights.  Ok we played with them on the bikes which are stored in our basement for the winter.

The package says 6 but I only got 5.  I figure it is a free test so I really don't care.  They are in 3 colors.  The clear is actually a color changing one, blue, and green.  They are made with cheap feeling plastic and if you put them on a car or motorcycle tire they would probably break.  I have no clue how long the batteries would last because we only played with them for a short time.  They do shot off when not moving which is a huge plus because kids don't turn off their bedroom light wont turn these off either.

They say that they can go on just about any kind on standard valve stem so we gave them a test on the bike trails and G's bike.

You just take the cap off of the valve stem and screw them on.

First up was the Schwinn Bike trailer.

They fit and looked really cool on the trailer.  We would have gone for a ride but it has been cold here in Minnesota.

Next up was G's bike.

We also did a video of them in motion because he thought that it was so cool.

We got these free from Tomoson for our review but you can get your own for $12.99 on Amazon here.

G is super excited for summer now.  G gives them 5 stars I give them 3.

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