Saturday, February 28, 2015


D has been on call again this week and when his phone rang at 5:30 and woke Z and I up this morning he told me that he would get her and to go back to sleep.

I woke up at 8 to Z crying and him gone.  But I guess they went to the store because I came out to make us some breakfast and found...  

Doughnuts make him being on call all week a little better.  It has been forever since I have gotten a doughnut.  I also love that he gave me first choice so the boys had to wait lol.

I just let the kids eat as many as they wanted and wherever they wanted.  I had to vacuum the couch after because Z took that to mean eating a sugar doughnut on the couch.

After the boys went to their dads and Z went down for her nap I worked on our trip blankets.

The new years blocks are done but not attached yet.  I am now only 13 blocks behind for the year so far lol.

I am slowly making progress on my next pair of socks and have the first one almost done.  I still need to make one more leg and stitch on the eyes.  So instead of doing that I started on the second sock.

D made it home at 3 finally and when his phone rang again after dinner Z got in on the action.

So here we wait for him to get home from work again.  I hate on call weeks.

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