Monday, February 2, 2015


D started his on call rotation this morning.  He left for work at 6:45am or so and just now got home at 8:15pm.  I have grown to dread this on call BS because it is hard for the kids and I to plan anything.  Today I called when I was getting off of work around 3:30 and he already knew that he wouldn't be home for dinner.

So the kids and I made cheese quesadillas and nachos for dinner.  By nachos I mean tortilla chips with melted cheese on them because I am a lazy parent with a screaming toddler who has no time to cook anything good for them lol.

K finished one book review and started on another today.  You can catch this one and all of his book reviews under the K's Korner tab at the top of the page.

G and Z are the two trouble makers of the group this evening.  Z misses her daddy time and Z is just trying to play with his little sister.  Notice the blocks that were cleaned up this morning all over the floor again.

We had some fun taking selfies.  Once again K thinks that he is too old to play these kind of games.

Or he was just too busy reading his book.

I have tons more on my phone but I figured you would get the idea of how much fun we were having.

As soon as dad got home I was cast aside until he is gone again.  I know that she likes me and all and will want me around more as she gets older but sometimes it sucks that she wants dad way more right now.

I am still making slow but steady progress on G's police blanket.  It is actually starting to look like a police car now.  I only have this block and one more to go.  I hope to get it done by the end of February and then I will move on to another long sitting project.

Tomorrow is no tech Tuesday and with D on call it will be tough to keep these kids busy but it is something that we enjoyed last week and had made plans to do every week so I guess I better check pinterest now to find something to do with this group of mixed ages that I have.  Wish me luck.

Today was day 33 without a smoke.  

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