Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sock Monkey

Today I dug out my next long time waiting unfinished knit project.

This one I started in March of 2009.  I was looking back at my Ravelry project page and realized how much G has grown since I started this guy.

I am guessing that this is about when I gave up working on him.  Poor monkey needs some cloths and maybe ears and a tail.  I just need to find him first lol.  I figure I will start his PJs while I am looking.

Because it is TBT and I happened to be using an old pic of G with knit things here is an old pic of K wearing his homemade Harry Potter gear.

So far I am doing well with my 2015 goals.  Ok all but 1 and that 1 is decreasing my yarn stash I have used some and replaced that some that I used with new yarn.  But, the year is still new and I have lots of time to make good on that goal.

I am at 57 days today without a smoke.

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