Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Police Throw

I am as far as I can go on G's police blanket.  I am not very good at picking up stitches so I am going to bring it to my mom (who is a fantastic crocheter) to finish it up.  I started this big project on September 10, 2009 so thats what 5 and a half years in the making.  I am so glad to finally have this thing done so I can move on to other projects.  

The pattern is available on the Lion Brand yarn website here.  You do have to register or sign in to get it.  Otherwise all of the other info is on my project page on ravelry here

It took me a while to get pics because someone else wanted to see it too.

She is a huge fan of knitwear and will actually carry around with her anything that is hand knit that she can get her hands on.

I finally got a good pic using animal crackers as a distraction.

After dinner her and I had some fun playing dress up.

Until she couldn't find her bows because mom hid them so she wouldn't pull them out.

Today is day 56 without a smoke and that means that I start step 3 of the patches tomorrow.

I am a little nervous to start the 7mg patch but I survived the step from 21mg to 14mg so I can survive the step from 14mg to 7mg.  I am now looking ahead to the 2 month mark on Sunday.


  1. That blanket turned out AWESOME! I am also so proud of you for not smoking!

  2. oh my goodness. 5 and a half years??? now that's what i call perseverance! if you can stick to something for that long, you;ll do just fine in your smoke-quitting endeavors! keep it up! (p.s. she's totally cute trying to pull those bows off!)

    1. I wish I could say I worked on it that long but I let it sit in a bag for atleast 4 and a half of those years lol