Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sick Baby

My day started with being woken up by D asking me if I wanted to do bath duty or cleaning up Z's bed.  In my sleep stupor I had to ask what at least 3 times before I understood that he was telling me that Z puked in her sleep and her bed, under her bed, and the wall behind her bed were full of vomit.  Let me tell you that trying to figure out how to wash an electronic stuffed animal at 1:30 in the morning is not fun.

I took the bath and then while he was still cleaning up her room we fell asleep in our bed laying on a towel.  30 minutes later she went again so I am glad that I left it under her.  Obviously we were out of tylenol because who thinks to buy that stuff before you need it.

I make less money and D is on call this week so I called my boss and took a sick day.

My day consisted of being slept on while on the couch having a Twilight movie marathon.  Childish I know but it was handy.

D managed to stop back by home with supplies around 9:30 so I got some meds in her as well as some fluids.  I know I said tylenol but I am allergic to it so none of the kids have ever had it and I don't want to see if they are allergic as well when they are already sick.

She would drink any milk because I am sure it tastes nasty the second time so she had 2 bottles of this during the day.  Beyond the liquid all I could get her to eat was 3 Kix.

After meds and a bottle she passed out again for a few hours.  I knew she was feeling better at 1:30 ish because when she woke up she wanted to walk around and play.  She did eat some dinner but not much and seems to be on the mend.

Hopefully I don't get what she has and I can go back to work tomorrow.

I made it through a sick kid and didn't even think of a cigarette so 36 days and counting without one.


  1. Sorry about the kiddo being sick. Having a sick kid sucks!

    1. She got sick again last night it looks like I get 2 days off of work this week.