Thursday, February 12, 2015


The 2 little ones and I got our valentines filled out and ready for school, work, and daycare tomorrow.

G's teacher requested only having from filled out on them because having the names on always takes so long to pass out.  So he was thrilled to get them done fast so he had time to play before dinner.

We took that idea for Z's too.  We have no clue how to spell some of the kids names anyway.

I took some of Z's leftovers to give to my friends at work.

After dinner Z took her very first bubble bath.  She was so unsure of it that she had trouble even sitting down.  Also, she decided that you aren't supposed to taste the bubbles because they taste icky lol.

While dad had her in the tub I got to deal with her daily mess.  How one kid can make such a big mess in two hours still amazes me.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  I wonder what is instore for the crazy people who believe that it is bad juju.

Personally I think that it is just another Friday that I have to survive to make it to another weekend.