Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Once again No Tech Tuesday leads to I don't want to talk to you mom Wednesday.

This is what a boy in his natural habitat looks like.

When you send them out of their natural habitat you end up with things like this...

and this...

Only one kid eats breakfast at home during the week so I have no clue why we have so many boxes of cereal.  He said that they were on sale and he had a coupon I just shake my head and tell him that just because they are on sale and you have a coupon is no reason to buy so many.

Last weekend when we were out and about I bought a backpack for G.  It looked cool and glows in the dark but I swore something wasn't quite right about it.  Well, today I figured it out.

So let me repeat that this is a backpack as in it goes on your back.  If that is true then why oh why is it the front of a rib cage?  If it was supposed to be the back it would have vertebrae instead of a sternum wouldn't it?


  1. That backpack does look cool - and wrong. Not only is it showing the wrong side of the rib cage, but it's also got too many ribs! There are only a total of 12 ribs in a human! LOL