Friday, February 20, 2015

Movie Night

Sometimes the boys being both Catholic and Lutheran kinda sucks like for instance it is now Lent so no meat for them on Fridays.

So tuna salad it is.  I use the term tuna salad very loosely because their version of tuna salad is just tuna and mayo.  Also, they like to use it as a dip for crackers not as a sandwich.

G tried to teach Z how to play leap frog.  Z thought that he wanted to wrestle and she held her own against her big brother too.

With Z and I still not feeling the greatest we decided to have a family movie night.  Lion King is a nice family friendly movie that kept the boys entertained for 30 minutes or so and Z for around 5 minutes.

Ok the boys took off to their room as soon as the popcorn was gone lol.

I started my next pair of socks too.  This pair is going to be for Z and I hope mine end up looking as cute as the ones in the book do.  The up side about Z socks is that they go super quick.

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