Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Class B

I finally talked my boss into letting me study for my class B drivers license.  I got the book to study for my permit today and I am super excited to get studying for it.  For the delivery drivers it is worth a dollar an hour pay raise but for me it is just the value of having it.  It is free to test and less than $40 to renew my license when I pass so why not do it.

I have made it 41 days without a cigarette now so I have the $40 to blow on this and I will still keep it even if I ever leave Arctic so I feel that it is worth it so wish me luck.

My work truck is fixed finally.  It went in this morning with a broken shackle so I am super happy to get my truck back even if it means that I have to drive in the snow.

Yesterday when we were at Walmart we saw some strange things...

Pecan Pie Pringles...why oh why would you eat these?  Ok if you did let me know because I want to know how they taste.

Halloween cake frosting on clearance for $333.  This must be some seriously high end frosting to cost that much money.  

We did #NoTechTuesday again today but with all the snow we spent the whole time out shoveling and doing homework.  It was kind of a sucky way to spend time together as a family but it was family time none the less I suppose.


  1. 41 days without a cigarette, how are you handling it?

    1. Its hard but I have the patch and that makes it a little easier.