Friday, February 27, 2015

Movie Night

It was supposed to be K's choice of movie tonight but in light of todays events we agreed on him having his choice next week.

So tonight was Star Trek III The search for Spock.

Trekkies everywhere are without one of the most iconic people in their world.

We will never forget you and all of the Trek movies you were in.  Live long and Prosper Mr. Spock.

On an up side I got to go to TCF Stadium again today.

It is weird being in a place that has 52,525 seats and there are only 100 or so people in the building when I am there is kind of a weird feeling.


  1. I am sad about Leonard Nimoy. What a great man.

    1. We watched both of the new Star Trek movies last night and saw him. Tonight, we are going to start the originals.

    2. We have been watching the originals but the boys went to their dad's today and K asked us to wait to watch the 4th one until he gets back so I had to find something else to watch :(