Saturday, February 21, 2015

Camping and Travel Show

Wow what a day!!!  We started early this morning ok, early for a Saturday lol.  We wanted to hit the road early so Z would hopefully not be crabby on the way home.

G an Z were ready to go long before everyone else was.  They had no clue what was going on but they were ready.

To go to the camping and travel show in St Cloud.  It was a total bust for us.  We were hoping for travel and tourism stuff for places to day/weekend trip to as well as stuff to add to our vacation to the up later this summer.  They had 8 booths of campground info and the rest was RVs.  We are not in a financial position to buy an RV so those were out.

Z did have fun riding her dad around for the first time so we know that will be an option to have on our vacation.

The convention center which had the RV show also has an amature baseball hall of fame which is free so we checked that out as well.

They had lots of cool things to see.

Old bats and gloves and even seats from the old Met Center in Bloomington.

I had to explain to my kids the novelty of this machine and how neat it was to see it repurposed as a trinket dispenser.  It sold things like flip books and jewelry all boxed in the same sized boxes as cigarettes.  I so wished that I had cash because the stupid old machine didn't take credit cards lol.

We even made a stop in Becker to see Z's godmother on our way home.

It ended up being a rather fun day of doing a whole lot of nothing.  

What did you waste your Saturday doing?

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